Vargaxes' Domain

Lost netherworld
This realm was formed as Vargaxes’ power grew – his giant mole construct was summoned by a final blood ritual enacted by Selenys at his instruction, and it ate everything it found as it rampaged through the kaer of Derin Kuyu.

But the kaer denizens did not die (at least not immediately). Their pain, anguish, and suffering coealesced into a netherworld where Vargaxes reigned like a depraved godling for the last one hundred years. Generations were born in the Domain – those that fought on tried to keep their faith alive that escape might happen someday. They lived fatalistic lives holed up in their caves, fighting off the others, the twisted worshippers of Vargaxes that raided and stole their children. Even the spirits of those slain could not leave the domain, doomed to wander it eternally bemoaning their fate and that of their descendants.

At the heart of this realm lay Selenys, chained physically and mentally, reliving the nightmares of her own awful rituals that brought so much misery on her fellow kaer dwellers. She was the anchor that kept the realm alive. Unchained, the realm began to fall apart. The Namegivers fled, leaving the spider demon that Selenys had become to presumably die in the collapsing realm.

The descendent of Derin Kuyu, Thorin worked to keep his people alive through the trials of that hellish demesne, and with the help of a band of heroes (called The Unchained by Fafnir the Scholar), led his people back to the kaer.

Vargaxes' Domain

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