Theran Empire


In the Selestrean Sea, far southwest of Barsaive, lies the isle of Thera, seat of the Theran Empire that held sway over Barsaive in the years before the Scourge. Though the Scourge cost the Therans control of Barsaive, they regained a small area of the province in the years that followed. The Theran-controlled lands in Barsaive include the city of Vivane, and the surrounding vicinity, which is called Vivane Province. Theran territory extends to the southern edges of Cara Fahd, and border conflicts in the area are common.

Adventurers often encounter Theran patrols and airships in these regions. The Therans rarely venture beyond the Twilight Peaks, preferring to consolidate their hold on the territories they already control.

Rumors place Theran spies in virtually every major Barsaivian city, as well as several of the larger towns and villages. Few people doubt the Therans’ intention to one day reclaim Barsaive as part of their empire.

Theran Empire

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