The Battle of Sky Point

The Battle of Sky Point

“The Theran version of the battle of Sky Point, is the biggest lie in all of Barsaive history. Their version is that they, the Therans, decided to teach the mountain trolls of Barsaive a lesson for their constant raiding of poorly protected Theran air shipping. This is simply not true, or at best, is partially true. The Theran mission had two parts. The first part was to eliminate the high trolls around the Twilight Peaks completely. Or as the captured Theran Admiral, Moridias, put it while forced to kneel in a Truth Circle;

“Our primary objective was to irradiate the entire race of mountain trolls in the Theran province of Barsaive. The purpose of that objective was to free up the trading lanes in Barsaive from the Crystal Raiders of the moots, as well as to make an example of the trolls as a message to the rest of Barsaive.”

It should be noted that the Bloodlore moot had Moridias end his days powering a captured Theran Kila. It is a vessel powered by the life force of unfortunate name-givers, which Moridias and his ilk used old, weak slaves to do. Justice was served as he and the other Theran leaders and slave lords perished in the cruel way that had claimed so many other souls. Before he was thrown into the pits of the Kila with his fellow dregs, it should be noted that Moridias begged for quarter, and like thousands of slaves found under his brutal hand, no quarter would be received. He wailed, like so many others before him, as he was thrown into the Kila’s life draining pits. Months later, as the power was running out in the Kila, the Bloodlores crashed it into Death’s Sea where it sank into the ocean of lava.

The Theran paid bards run rampant all over Barsaive, at each inn, tavern and court, telling their lies about Sky Point to anyone who will listen. Their tales portray the Theran navy as an unstoppable force, and the trolls as fearsome but primitive brutes who could not stand up to Theran might. Lies designed to turn Thera’s defeat into a victory. Yet, they carefully avoid speaking their untruths anywhere that high trolls may be. The bards tales claim one behemoth named Victory was sent, which is a lie. They also conveniently end their tale after the Skytoucher Moot was wiped out, which was not the end of the battle.

Three behemoths were sent, named by the Therans; Righteous, Vengeance and Victory. The Righteous and Vengeance were both destroyed by the Twilight peaks. The Vengeance was boarded by brave Sky Raiders of the Swiftwind and Stoneclaw moots, who crashed the vessel into the mountainside. Its wreckage tumbled down the steep rocky slopes into the valley below. Realizing they bit off more meat than they could chew, The Victory and The Righteous tried to flee back south, away from the peaks. The trolls from the moots of the Twilight Peaks, still enraged by the bold attack and insult to all troll Katera at Sky Point, would not let them escape so easily. Drakkars from the Blackfang and Bloodlore moots, aided by stone ships from the Black Fang moot, swooped down on The Righteous with a massive force of Crystal Raiders and unleashed death from above, a huge boarding party leapt from the Drakkars and those that managed to avoid the barrage of magic, arrows and fire cannons, landed upon the Righteous in a flood of rage. The Victory saw its sister ship in trouble, and instead of trying to save them, fled like the Theran cowards that they are, back to safety of Sky Point. The ensuing battle aboard The Righteous was hard fought, but the trolls killed most of the Therans in the end, and took control of the damaged Righteous. They tried to fly it back to the Twilight Peaks, but the flying city was badly damaged and would not make it, so they leapt from the vessel as it crashed into the Grey Forrest, where its wreckage remains today.

There are many people across Barsaive who would dispute this truth. For it is hard for people to accept a reality that differs from what they already believe to be true. But the proof is easy enough to find if you have enough of a spine to travel close to the Twilight Peaks. The wreckage of both vessels can still be found today. All that is left of the Vengeance was a pile of stones and rubble at the foot of the mountains. Although overgrown with dirt and foliage, and eroded over time, the wreckage is a massive pile below the highest point of the Twilight Peaks where the Thundersky moot makes their home. The wreckage of the Righteous is an equally large pile of rubble, in the middle of the Grey Forrest. The Therans claim these are both just city ruins from before the Scourge, which is true… but they are pre-Scourge floating Theran city ruins, destroyed at the hands of the Crystal Raiders that they sought to kill.

The Theran paid bards also claim, that the Skytoucher moot surrendered. That is also untrue, and is probably the biggest untruth of all. Is it believable that a high troll moot would surrender to anyone? Let alone the lowly Therans? Of course not, yet this is the story that is told by bards, and believed by many inexperienced name-givers. The truth is that the Skytoucher moot was the first moot to be attacked in the Therans master plan, and it took too long for the other moots to respond. They fought bravely and did themselves great honor, but there were too many Therans for victory to be achieved. Three Behemoths and a large number of Vedettes versus the small Skytoucher fleet. Their elders, leaders and fighting trolls, those who could negotiate a truce, were killed early in the fight. By the time the other moots rallied the battle with the Skytouchers was over. There was almost nothing left of that moot but destroyed homes, airship wreckage, and bodies of the fallen. We know that many Skytoucher women and children were captured by the Therans and taken into slavery, and perhaps this is the surrender that the Therans speak of. Yet many others, thanks to the hard fighting to the end of their moot brothers, managed to escape and those that survived the Scourge now reside with the Thundersky moot. However, most of the Skytoucher moot, 9 of every of 10 of their number perished, and the first troll moot, created by Thystonius himself, was no more. This is a sensitive point to all troll Katera which generates much anger, especially among the Western moots who considered the Skytoucher moot their brothers.

This is why the high trolls of Barsaive are the blood enemy of every Theran, and everyone who aides the Therans. The stain of honor upon our Katera is great, and only after rivers of Theran blood is shed, shall that rage be sated."

Tago Steelskull – Moot Eldar of the Stoneclaws.

The Battle of Sky Point

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