Step: Rank + STR
Default: Yes (see text)
Action: Standard
Strain: 0

All T’skrang, and many other Namegiver races who live near water, learn to swim as a method of movement, but also as part of their basic survival skills. Characters use the Swimming skill to move through the water by making a Swimming Test against a Difficulty Number determined by the condition of the water around them, as given in the Water Condition Table. Swimming uses a Standard Action in every round spent swimming, but a Swimming Test is only made when the water condition changes or at the gamemaster’s discretion. While swimming, a character’s Movement Rate is reduced (see Races and Swimming below). When swimming with or against a strong current, the gamemaster may grant a bonus or a penalty to the Movement Rate. Characters who fail their Swimming Test make no appreciable progress. On a Pathetic Result, the character starts drowning (see Drowning in the Gamemaster’s Guide, p. 109).

Water Condition Table
Water Condition Difficulty Number
Calm Water 4
Small Waves 5
Slow River Current 7
Moderate River Current 9
Major River Current 13
Open Ocean 15

Races and Swimming

Obsidimen cannot swim. If an obsidiman falls in the water he sinks and must find another way to quickly climb out. Obsidimen never possess knowledge of the Swimming skill and cannot evenuse it as Default Skill.

Windlings only swim if they have no other option, as getting their wings wet cripples their flying ability. Windlings never use Swimming as a Default Skill, although intrepid members of this race can learn it. Windlings use half their ground Movement Rate when swimming.

T’skrang are at home in the water and use their normal Movement Rate when swimming.

All other races move at half their normal Movement Rate while swimming.


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