Stilicho's Leather Travel Pack

Stilicho’s Travel Pack is a high quality leather backpack with a main interior compartment and two smaller exterior compartments. Each compartment has a single leather flap that clasps shut with a wooden dowel keeping the content secure inside. When carrying this pack, Stilicho usually has it over his left shoulder so he can easily shrug it off and heft his shield without delay. Below are the list of items normaly carried in this pack.

Bag of Elemental Earth
Fire Starter
Steel Vial of Ink
Coil of T’Skrang Rope (30 yards)
Three pronged grapple hook
Water skin
Tin tankard
Tin bowl
Wooden fork
Wooden spoon
Steel flask of Skoad
Linen Bandages
Theran-made shackles x2
Key to shackles

Healing Kit
Booster Potion x2
Healing Potion x2
Linen Bandages x10
Needle and thread.

Trejack’s Slave Log
This book contains detailed information regarding slaves that were processed and sold. It includes each slaves race, age, gender, first name, place of origion, as well as when they were sold, to whom and for how much. It goes back many years.

Armor Care Kit
-Steel flask of oil
-Tack Hammer
-Cleaning cloth
-Chain links
-Steel flask of polish
-Pry Rod
-Leather strips
-Punches of different sizes x3

Scroll Case
-Blank Parchment
-Quill x2
-Konigsberg Seal
-Blue Wax
-Candle x2

Stilicho's Leather Travel Pack

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