Sovereign Spirit

Sovereign Spirit

Step: Rank + CHA
Action: Simple
Karma: No
Strain: 1

The Sovereign Spirit questor power is sustained on the questor and generates no strain. Whenever the questor is targeted by any spell or ability that would target his social defense with the result being that the questor’s free will is influenced, the questor may make an immediate Sovereign Spirit roll against the offenders spell defense. If successful, the effect of the spell or ability is immediately negated.

The questor may also use Sovereign Spirit to aid himself or allies in overcoming effects that target their social defense and alter their free will. In such cases, the questor may only attempt to eliminate the effects of one ally for each questor rank, per round.

Lastly the Soverign Spirit ability can be used to unbind a spirit from Undeath. If the spirit would not normally be openly hostile to the questor, the questor may make a Soverign Spirit roll against the undead targets spell defense. A good success results in the undead fleeing the questor in a fashion similar to the Frighten talent. An excellent success or better results in the spirit being freed from the bonds of undeath with the resulting GM determined alteration to its physical form. (A ghost simply vanishes or fades away, while a cadaverman falls to the floor in a heap.) The questor may only attempt to unbind a number of undead spirits equal to his questor ranking at once. When targeting multiple undead at once, he rolls against the highest spell defense of the group.

Example: Grom, Rue and Gavelin, are fighting against a Nethermancer. Grom is a rank 3 questor of Rashomon. The Nethermancer casts Arcane Mutterings to attempt to confuse them. The Nethermancer rolls a 14, a success because they all have a Social Defense of 9. Grom immediately rolls a Sovereign Spirit test against the Nethermancers spell defense. He rolls a 12, a success. He then takes a point of strain and yells to Gavelin using his Sovereign Spirit ability to attempt to negate the effects of the spell. He rolls a 12, a failure because he had to meet or exceed the Nethermancers roll. He cannot attempt it again until next round.

Brad: Here is another example of Sovereign Spirit which I tweaked so it is more usable. This would fall under Leadership and Endurance. It would give Rashomon questors an ability that counters the Raise Dead ability by Raggok. The Inpire Perseveremce is already a counter to Inspire Rage. Now all we beed to do is flush out Last Breath which we’ve started out as a Resurrection-like ability which would make a good counter to Raggok’s Cause Pain ability and would cover the Rebirth aspect of Rashomon.

Sovereign Spirit

Step:  Rank + Wil
Action: Standard
Duration: Rank Hours
Passion: Rashomon

Sovereign Spirit is a sustained power on the questor which allows the questor to counter any effect which eliminates free will.  When such an effect succeeds against the questor, the questor immediately rolls their Inspire Spirit against the spell defense of the attacker.  If successful there effect is nullified and the questor may continue acting as normal.  If the Sovereign Spirit roll fails, the questor may reroll it again each round that he has no free will until the effect ends or he succeeds.

Sovereign Spirit may also be use this ability to free another name-giver whose free will has been lost.  In this case the questor uses his action to call forth the power of Rashomon while keeping his eyes locked on the target.  The questor makes a Sovereign Spirit test against the spell defense of the offender whose ability removed the free will of the target.  If successful, the target is immediately freed of the effect that removed their free will.  Further attempts by the offender to use the same ability on the target suffer a penalty equal to the questors rank for the duration of Sovereign Spirit.

Notes:  This power only effects talents and abilities that effectively eliminate free will.  It has no effect other abilities which may influence free will but don’t control it .  For example, it could be used to counter abilities such as Frighten, Inspire Rage and Horror Possession as each of those effects take away the free will of the target.  However it cannot be used on abilities that only influence free will, such as Taunt, Steely Stare or Arcane Mutterings as those abilities leave the effected in control of themselves.

This ability may also be used to free a spirit from Raise Dead or similar forms of undeath.  If that happens, the spirit is simply freed from the binds of undeath, and any corpse they are bound to immediately becomes inanimate once again.

Sovereign Spirit

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