Scouts are the vanguard, the tracker, and the brave rangers who go where others cannot. Scouts are masters of becoming one with their environment — be that the wildest primeval forest or the heart of the largest city.

Karma Ritual: To begin his Karma ritual, the Scout allows his companions to lead him blindfolded deep into the forest, about ten minutes walk from his starting point. The Scout meditates for ten minutes as he visualizes the route back to where he began, then makes the journey, still blindfolded, to his starting point. Removing the blindfold, the half-hour-long ritual is complete.

Half-Magic: A Scout may use half-magic to recognize tracks and trails left by different types of animals and Namegivers in wilderness or urban environments.

Scouts also gain access to the Navigation and Mapmaking skills (see p. 98 and p. 99) via half-magic.

Second Circle
Discipline Talent: Speak Language
Defense: The adept adds +1 to his Physical Defense.
Durability (6/5) – Rank 0, see House Rules on Durability
Third Circle
Discipline Talent: Navigation
Fourth Circle
Discipline Talent: Scout Weaving
Karma: The adept may spend 1 Karma Point on Perception-only Tests.

Fifth Circle
Discipline Talent: Evidence Analysis
Enhanced Senses: For 2 Strain, the adept enhances one of his natural senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste), gaining a +2 bonus to Perception Tests based on the sense for 10 minutes.
Sixth Circle
Discipline Talent: Astral Sight
The adept may spend 1 Karma Point on Dexterity-only Tests.
Seventh Circle
Discipline Talent: Empathic Sense
Karma: The adept may spend 1 Karma Point on another person’s Action Tests to avoid and get out of environmental hazards; stay on the path; and endure any harsh conditions for the journey. The adept must be traveling with them for this ability to be used.
Eigth Circle
Discipline Talent: Safe Path
The adept adds +1 to his Physical Defense.


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