Saskull are humanoid creatures who dwell in the snow-covered portions of the tallest mountains of Barsaive. Little is known about these creatures, other than they are big and vicious. When standing, they tower between 8 and 12 feet in height, but they are usually seen hunched over, running on all fours. They have muscular humanoid-like arms and legs, that end in long fingers with sharp claws. Their teeth are long and sharp, and their eyes are milky white. Each has a white mane of hair around their head and shoulders. They are otherwise covered with light gray hair, which allows them to blend into the stone and snow capped peaks of the mountains with ease.

They have been known to eat almost anything, from the smallest rodents, to tree bark. They can be found travelling in packs, but can also be found alone in singles. They are vicious creatures who usually attack using ambush tactics, leaping out from hiding on unsuspecting prey, and seeking to quickly kill and take the victim away to eat while in hiding.

Little is known about their socieal habits or where they come from. They are known to inhabit caves, but seem to have no attachment to such dwellings. If confronted in a cave dwelling by a superior force, they simply will try to abandon it. If there are males and females, they cannot be distingusihed from one another. The rumor among the troll moots is that these creatures came to existance during the Scourge, and were once name-givers who were corrupted by Horrors. Though, there is no direct evidence to prove that.

Saskull are hunted with extreme prejudice by the moots of the mountain trolls all across Barsaive, and for the most part, the Saskull have learned to avoid them.


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