Raggok was known as Rashomon before the Scourge, and his ideals then were Leadership, Endurance, Tolerance, and Perseverance. Today, Raggok is the most terrible of the Mad Passions, and embodies all that is corrupted in the world.

He causes the dead to walk the earth, he sows the baseless hatreds that erupt between once-loving husbands and wives, and he tortures the insane with disembodied voices. People say he has made countless pacts with Horrors, aiding them in their evil endeavors and receiving their assistance in kind. Like the Horrors he allegedly serves, Raggok loves to inflict pain and strives to satisfy this perverse desire.

Ideals: Vengeance, Bitterness, Jealousy

Typical Appearance: Raggok usually manifests as a large man with the head of a ram. Scores of open wounds continuously appear, heal, and reappear on the incarnation’s bloody flesh.

Common Elements: Skeletons, the undead, swords, wounds, insects, snow and ice

Powers: Raggok can call forth painful memories, raise undead, inspire hatred, and travel through the thoughts of Name-givers, leaping from the mind of one Name-giver to any other within fifty miles. As he travels, he evokes painful memories in the minds of those he passes through.


Because the ideals Raggok personifies can be found in the hearts of members of every race, this Mad Passion never lacks questors. People who enjoy inflicting mental and physical pain gladly imitate Raggok and accept his gifts in return.

Questors of Raggok divide themselves into two main groups based on their interpretation of how best to embody their Passion’s ideals. One group believes that ostentatious displays of wealth cause mental pain in others less fortunate and so wallows in all the pleasures of the flesh that money can buy. Their constant search for even more money and treasure provides the resources needed to pay others to glorify Raggok, consciously or unconsciously, through their actions.
The second group lives ascetic lives. These questors feel compelled to imitate Raggok personally to the best of their abilities, and believe that bringing pain to the world should take precedence over their own comfort. Any wealth they accumulate is used to buy poisons, hire mercenaries to raze villages, and accomplish other acts that cause pain and suffering.

Acts of Devotion: Cause someone pain in combat—this act of devotion is rewarded for one battle against one opponent, not each successful attack (Minor). Torture a victim with expert deliberation (Major). Kill someone in the name of revenge. The revenge may satisfy the questor’s need for vengeance or simply fulfil a contract paid for by someone else (Zealous). Make an entire community suffer for the deeds of their ancestors (Quest).

Questor Powers: Cause Pain, Inspire Rage, Raise Undead


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