Konigsberg keep

The state of Konigsberg is a an independent state traditionally allied to  Throal.  It has a long history of being a prominent military power largely due to the prowess of its soldiers and leadership. The strength of its military is such that it has even earned the respect of the troll moots in The Twilight Peaks. It has established borders outlined from a time predating the Scourge. Though many of the major towns are repopulated, like all states in today’s Barsaive, much of the territory is wild and is once again unsettled.

The Flag of Kongisberg

The flag of Konigsberg features a silver wolf on a dark blue background. It is a triangular shaped flag which differs from most of the rest of Barsaive. This is noteworthy because in the days prior to The Scourge most territories of Barsaive converted to rectangular banners because they were considered to be “more civilized” which is to say, more Theran. The Therans viewed triangular banners as reminisent of ancient Barsaive from the times before their arrival. Most states at that time changed their flags to conform as it was considered to be good for business due to the fact that Therans of all types views the triangular banners as barbaric. Some Therans even considered them insulting. Only a couple of states proudly (some would say stubbornly) hung on to the old triangular banners, Konigsberg being one of them.


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