Inspire Perseverance

Inspire table

Inspire Perseverance

Step: Rank + CHA
Duration: Rank hours
Action: Sustained
Passion: Rashomon

The Questor spends three rounds talking to the targets inspiring them to perform a task and to let nothing deter them from their course of action. The adept makes an Inspire Perseverance roll against the highest social defense in the group. If successful, the group is inspired, becoming enthusiastic and determined not to be deterred from completing the task. Each target will gain a bonus to whatever Talent, Skill, Stat or Defense that is being used to accomplish the Inspired Task (but only while performing that task). Any attempt which would directly or indirectly dissuade them from completing the Inspired Task, the Inspire Bonus can be applied towards as well. This could be their Spell, Physical or Social defense, a Talent, a Skill, or a specific Stat being used to accomplish said task. The step bonus is based on the Questors rank. See the Inspire Table for the bonus. This effect lasts for a number of hours equal to the Questors rank.

The Questor can only inspire someone to do something that they, at least deep down, really want to do. Anyone who truly has no desire at all to complete the given task will be completely unaffected by any Inspire Perseverance attempts.

Ottar, a Rank 9 Questor of Rashomon, knows that the Ork Scorchers will attack soon. Spending a few minutes talking to his troops, he decides that a best offense is a good defense and tells his men to defend his cooler of beer at all costs. Knowing that the Ork Scorchers will be mounted, Ottar’s player decides to apply his Inspire Bonus (+3) to his men’s Physical Defense.

Jin, a Rank 10 Questor of Rashomon, knows that the Ork Scorchers that just took his best pal’s cooler of beer are riding towards him and the rest of the survivors. Backed into a dead end, Jin tells the survivors that if they can only climb to the top of the cliff, the Scorchers will not be able to follow them and they will live another day. Jin’s player decides to apply his Inspire Bonus (+4) to everyone’s Climb Skill (or Default Stat).

Inspire Perseverance

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