Enchanted Gift

Step Number: Rank+CHA
Duration: Rank days
Action: Standard
Passion: Astendar

The Enchanted Gift power allows a questor to create a gift of a work of art that will evoke a specific, basic emotion in the gift’s recipient. Questors usually use this power to influence a target to feel a certain emotion toward a third party. The gift may represent any art form, including songs, paintings, poems, and so on, as dictated by the questor’s talents and skills. The recipient (the target of the power) must accept the gift willingly, whether or not he knows of the gift’s magical charm. For example, a questor could not simply sing a song powered by Enchanted Gift while in the target character’s presence and have it affect the target. The singer would have to ask, “Might I give you the gift of a song?” Once the target accepts the gift, the questor power leaves the gift and affects the recipient and the object or verse is no longer magical. The beauty of the gift may make it inherently valuable, however.

The questor enchants the gift with a basic emotion, such as fear, love, hate, happiness, anger, or joy. The emotion must be directed at a specific subject, such as a ruler, the young woman down the street, a nearby citadel, and so on. The recipient of the gift feels the designated emotion for the specific subject. For example, if a small statue enchanted with love for a specific girl is given to her unmarried neighbor, he falls in love with the girl. As soon as the character accepts the gift, the questor makes an Enchanted Gift Test against the target’s Social Defense. If the test succeeds, the target becomes more receptive to suggestions involving the emotion and subject enchanted into the gift. Characters add the questor’s Questor rank as a bonus to all Interaction Tests in which they make a positive suggestion related to the emotion and subject of the enchanted gift. Interaction Tests suggesting thoughts and ideas opposed to the gift’s emotion and subject incur a penalty equal to the questor’s Questor rank.

Nedra, a Rank 5 questor of Astendar, must leave her native village. Worried that the local warrior, who fancies himself in love with her, will abandon his task of protecting the village to follow her, she has created a cloak brooch in the shape of a shield as a parting gift. Using her Enchanted Gift power, she enchants the brooch with the basic emotion of joy and directs that emotion toward the village. She presents the brooch to the warrior as a farewell gift, which he accepts. Nedra makes a successful Enchanted Gift Test against the warrior’s Social Defense of 9. For the next five days, anyone attempting to convince the warrior to stay in his now-beloved village gains a +5 bonus to his Interaction Test. Anyone encouraging the warrior to leave his precious village and follow his one true love suffers a –5 penalty to his Interaction Test.

Note that an enchanted gift can be offered by anyone to anyone else. For example, a child might pick up an enchanted statuette from a questor’s workbench and offer it to his mother. If the mother accepts the gift, the gamemaster must ask the questor’s player to make an Enchanted Gift Test against the mother’s Social Defense. If the test succeeds, the gift’s power affects the mother, whether or not the questor knows that the gift was given, or if it was meant for the mother

Enchanted Gift

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