Eminent Forbearance


Step: Rank+CHA
Duration: Rank minutes
Action: Sustained
Passion: Rashomon

The Questor of Rashomon attempts to use his leadership qualities and a touch of magical persuasion to force one or more characters to listen to his speech. After speaking for three rounds, of which the targets must be able to understand the questor, he makes a Forbearance Test against the target’s highest Social Defense, add +1 for every additional character that the questor wishes to affect after the first. If successful all characters that were targeted are forced to stop whatever they are doing and listen to what the questor has to say, during which time the targets are considered Harried. While the influence of Forbearance is active, the Questor receives a bonus on all CHA based tests made against the targets based on the Rank of the Questor. See the Forbearance chart for bonuses. Should any of the targets be attacked while under the influence of Forbearance, the Questor power ends.

Legends tell of a time before the Scourge when Questors of Rashomon were able to stop wars with only their voice.

Eminent Forbearance

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