Crest Wolves

Dire Wolf

Also known as Dire Wolves, these giant wolves are much like their smaller lowland cousins. They are slightly stockier and grow much larger. They are often compared in size to Rockhorn Thundra beasts, only they are far more agile. They are exceptionally good at climbing the steep rocky slopes of the mountains where they reside. Each wolf can easily jump great distances, similar to the Great Leap adept talent. This allows them to easily bound up cliff faces and leap at prey. Each wolf can also jump off of sheer cliff faces and use the wind to guide their decent, much like the Wind Catcher talent used by Air Sailors and Sky Raiders. It is not unheard of for troll Cavalrymen to be seen leaping from a Sky Raiding vessel, mounted to a wolf from high distances, only to gracefully float down to the ground to attack their enemies.

In the wild, the Crest Wolves live in packs, usually ranging from 6-20 beasts, though there have been sightings of as many as 40 in a pack. They hunt various forms of game, including giant rock lizards, unfortunate name-givers, mountain goats, sasquan (wild humaniod mountain beasts), and even wyverns, which are common in the wolves’ mountainous habitat. Cubs start out roughtly the size of a large dog, and quickly grow to maturity in about two years. Crest Wolves range in colors, but most are white, various shades of gray, or black. There are also rare cases of gray/blue colored wolves. The packs function much like their lowland brethern with the wolves lead by an Alpha male and female.

They are prized mounts but exceedingly rare. Name-givers from outside of the Twilight Peaks would pay a small fortune to possess one of these animals. The wolves can only be found in the Eastern and Central parts of the Twilight Peaks. The trolls from the Stoneclaw, Swiftwind and Thundersky moots undertake the dangerous task of capturing wild cubs, taming and training them to be suitable mounts. Crest Wolves do not breed in captivity, so catching young cubs in the wild is the only way to accuire one as a mount.

Crest wolves are also unique mounts for a number of reasons. It is not just because they are giant wolves either. Once a Crest Wolf has bonded with a name-giver, it will be loyal to that name-giver until either the wolf, or the name-giver is dead. These wolves are fanatically loyal, and are immune to magical suggestion from anyone but their chosen master. Purchasing one can be a risky move, because Crest Wolves are hard to bond with if they choose to be. Many a wealthy beast master or cavalryman has bought one of these mounts, and has not gotten the beast to cooperate with them. The trolls say that the wolf must choose you, and if it doesn’t like you, it will never like you.

It is noteworthy that the trolls of the Twilight Peaks are very protective of the Crest Wolves. Hunting Crest Wolves, is strictly forbidden. Any name-givers caught hunting Crest Wolves, will usually incur the swift wrath of the nearest troll moot.

“My adopted troll brother Elgorn, was oddly a Cavalrymen adept, one of just a few in the Steelskull clan. Elgorn would be away from the clan for many days at a time, climbing the peaks with the other Cavalrymen to try and capture male Dire Wolf cubs. I had only heard tales of such creatures when I was a child. They were massive, bigger than a lowland Thundra beast but far more agile and intelligent. They looked like they could swallow a horse. Each of the Cavalryman in the clan road one. They also had a handful of cubs they were raising and training. They were constantly in search of the wolf packs so they could acquire more. They were careful only to take smaller males that were not alphas, so as to not impact the breeding of the packs in a negative way. Such cubs were prized mounts that could only be found in parts of the Eastern Twilight Peaks. Selling just one of these to other name-giver races outside of the peaks would result in a huge payment. They only would sell a few these per year.”

Stilicho Alaricson – Lord of Konigsberg

Crest Wolves

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