Anticipate Blow

Step: Rank + PER
Action: Simple
Karma: No
Strain: 1

If the adept has a higher Initiative Test result, he anticipates attacks made against him by making an Anticipate Blow Test against his opponent’s Spell Defense. If successful, he adds his Anticipate Blow Rank to his Physical Defense against that opponent’s attacks until the end of the round. The adept can use this talent against a number of different opponents equal to his Anticipate Blow Rank each round.

After one or more successful Anticipate Blow Tests, the adept may announce a Reserved Action (p. 217) for later that round to interrupt the attack of an opponent Anticipate Blow was successfully used against with a counter-attack. When doing so, he does not add +2 to the Difficulty Number for physical attacks against that opponent (but still adds it to other Difficulty Numbers). Instead, he adds his Anticipate Blow Rank as a bonus to the first Attack Test made against the opponent that round. Anticipate Blow does not convey any additional attacks—the attacks used on the counterattack must be saved up.

Krarg successfully uses his Anticipate Blow talent against two opponents, both of whom are yet to attack him. He decides to Reserve his Action until he is attacked, to profit from the Attack Test bonus Anticipate Blow provides. When the first opponent attacks him, Krarg interrupts, attacking his opponent instead. He would normally add +2 to the Difficulty Number of all of his actions when he takes his Reserved Action, but the Anticipate Blow talent negates this effect and gives a bonus to his first counter-attack. Krarg makes a Melee Weapons Test using his Standard Action as his first attack, and adds his Anticipate Blow Rank of 6 as a bonus to that Test. He then uses his Second Attack talent, but receives neither a bonus to the Test nor increases his Difficulty Number. However, he then decides to use Taunt against his second opponent, and as this is not a physical attack, the Difficulty Number for the Taunt Test is increased by +2, despite Krarg having used Anticipate Blow successfully against that opponent. After his turn has ended, Krarg’s opponents can now attack him, but he benefits from the higher Physical Defense conveyed by using Anticipate Blow.

Anticipate Blow

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