Air Ships

Barges are long flat, ships, designed for short range transports of large quantites of material. They require a minimal crew. Barges are slow moving, and not useful for combat purposes. These ships are extremely vunerable to attack, and are seldom seen outside of friendly skies.

The most common non-combat ship. Galleons are sometimes fitted with on board weapons, but usually rely on soldiers on the decks, and their crew, for defense. Galleons are the common ship in the skies over Barsaive. They have lots of cargo space, but are not overly manuverable or fast.

Slave Barge
The Theran Slave Barge is similar to a regular barge but is designed to transport large quantities of slaves. They are outfitted with cages in the cargo holds, and shackles at the rowers benches.

The most common war ship of the Therans. Vedettes are made of wood and resemble elongated galleons. They are usually outfitted with some on board weapons, normally fire cannons and sometimes ballista. They are fast ships, with decent cargo space, but are slower and less manuverable than most troll ships.

The Kila is essentially a floating castle armed with lots of on board weapons, including catapults, ballista and fire cannons. These ships have a large hold where they keep slaves and use dark magic to power the ships by draining the life essences of the unfortunate souls trapped there.

A Behemoth is a small floating city with high walls. It is powered like a Kila, and carries and armament like a Kila, but is much bigger with more of each. These ships take an extraordinary amount of forces to bring down. During the Battle of Sky Point, the trolls claim to have destroyed the a Behemoth, but many name-givers in Barsaive claim this is not possible.

Mountain Troll
Troll Drakkars are long, sleek and durable ships designed for speed and manuverability. Most Drakkars lack on board weapons, relying on their superior speed and manuverability to get in close and drop raiders onto enemy ships. This is a very effective strategy, except against the largest of ships like Theran Kilas and Behemoths.

Unique Drakkar: Wind Viper
One of the fastest air ships in the sky, this was the airship of the legendary Tago Steelskull, who passed it on to his eldest son, Rorik Steelskull. The ship is rumored to be some kind of pattern item, but that may just be a rumor. Wind Viper is void of weapons but is known to boast a Fire Sheath for defense, which protects the ship with a ring of fire.

Only a handful of these new wooden ships are known to exist. These are much longer than Drakkars and are designed for speed. They have nearly double the crew, and are much faster. However they sorely lack cargo space, so are almost exclusively used as combat vessels and seldom stray far from home. They usually have some sort of on board weapon, such as ballista or fire cannons.

Unique Longship: Air Wolf
This Longship is made from wood but also combines living crystal plates on the outsides making the ship nearly immune from fire cannons and resistant to spell effects. The ship is coated with light gray crystal making it very difficult to see. It is rumored to be the fastest ship in the skies over Barsaive. The prow of this ship boasts six Thunderbolt Throwers… making it extremely capable of doing devastating damage to even the Theran large stone ships, like Kilas and Behemoths. This is the flag ship of the Steelskull clan of the Stoneclaw moot.

These ships are similar to troll Drakkars but also boast a ram built into the bow. The ram is not an overly practical weapon except against slower vessles like Galleons, so fewer and fewer of these ships are seen in the skies these days.

Only a few of these ships are still in existance. Made by the Blackfang moot these ships were created from black volcanic rock. They are built like a Trireme, but are extremely effective because, with the exception of troll longships, they are the fastest ships in the sky. This allows them to put their rams into effective use. The black volcanic rock that makes up the core of the ship, make it immune to most forms of magical attack. The only ship based weapons that seem to have any effect, are cumbersome weapons like ballista and catapults. It is not known how these ships are powered, but it is rumored they require the blending of many true elements including fire, earth and air.

Throalic galleons are just like normal galleons, only the Kingdom of Throal outfits almost all of its galleons with on board weapons, such as fire cannons and ballista.

Throalic Vedettes are almost the same as their Theran counterparts, but are often outfitted with more on board weapons. They are often a bit slower than their Theran counterparts, but almost always pack a heavier punch.

Air Ships

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