Air Sailor

Air Sailors are the swashbuckling brotherhood of the sky. Air Sailors never leave their fellows behind and embrace the idea of togetherness, working to protect and spread civilization, rather than preying upon it.

Important Attributes: Charisma, Dexterity

Karma Ritual: To begin his Karma ritual, the Air Sailor sits alone in silent meditation under the open sky for several minutes, picturing in his mind’s eye his airship sailing through the clouds at the start of a long journey. The adept envisions an aerial journey he hopes to make one day, imagining scenes of this journey, including the risks and perils, and how his training and skills might help make the journey a safe one. The ritual is complete when, half an hour later, the imagined journey ends safely.

Artisan Skills: Rune Carving, Sail Embroidery

Half-Magic: The Air Sailor’s uses for half-magic include the maintenance, repair, and construction of airships; knowledge of airship designs; and recognition of different types of airships, commonly followed flight paths, and airship crew complements. Air Sailors gain access to the Navigation skill via half-magic while aboard airships. Working on an airship requires a high degree of athletic ability, so Air Sailors may make Half-Magic Tests to swing from rigging or avoid obstacles when moving around an airship.

Second Circle
Discipline Talent: Distract
Defense: The adept adds +1 to his Physical Defense.
Durability (6/5) – Rank 0, see House Rules on Durability
Third Circle
Discipline Talent: Empathic Sense
Fourth Circle
Discipline Talent: Air Weaving
Karma: The adept may spend 1 Karma Point on Dexterity-only Tests.

Fifth Circle
Discipline Talent: Swing Attack
Collaborate: Once per round, when performing the same type of action as an ally, the adept may take 2 Strain to grant the ally a +2 bonus to an Action Test towards achieving their common goal.
Sixth Circle
Discipline Talent: Wound Balance
The adept may spend 1 Karma Point on Charisma-only Tests.
Seventh Circle
Discipline Talent: Resist Taunt
The adept may spend 1 Karma Point on Action Tests made on an airship.
Eigth Circle
Discipline Talent: Leadership
The adept adds +1 to his Physical Defense.

Air Sailor

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