Active Quests

Aramod’s Rod
Tago Steelskull, a patriarch of the Stoneclaw moot, charged the Unchained with finding the Staff of Aramod Whitewind, a legendary item that may hold the key to re-discovering the lost art of Troll longship-building.
  • Stilicho agreed to search for it. Tago sold Stilicho the Dashing Stag for 2 pieces of silver as a “down-payment”.

That’s a Big Fucking Egg!
Dremnin discovered what turned out to be a dragon egg in a hidden compartment beneath the bed in the captain’s cabin of the Dashing Stag. Now what? Either the captain destroyed or hid the captain’s log, as it has never been found. The Unchained have only one lead – they know the previous owner of the ship is none other than Omasu, owner of the Overland Trade Company in the city of Travar.
  • The Unchained Name her Saryx – meaning “gem” in Sperethiel.

Are You Gonna Go My Way?
Roinak, an Ork Warrior Adept of The Hand, a monastic order of Warriors in Bartertown, will trade circle advancement training to Stilicho in exchange for passage aboard the Dashing Stag for him and three of his brothers to the ruins of Parlainth in three weeks time.

Is It My Cologne?
Vridich is haunted by the strong suspicion that he’s being tracked by Xandarlathalas, his old Theran master. His proximity seems to constantly threaten his companions, and drew attention to the Reach.
The Longstride’s Hunt.
Quinn Longstride requests passage to Stormhead via the Dashing Stag. He says he’ll pay well.
Bring Out Yer Dead!
As part of his training payment to Silmarwen Elanesse and the Nethermancer coven Morgûl Rana, Vridich S’alamanthyr has agreed to undertake some yet-to-be-named task.

Active Quests

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