Staff of Aromod Whitewind

Staff of Aromod Whitewind


This staff stands at about 7 feet in height and is made of blackened wood from an Ironwood tree. The staff is ornately carved and covered with intricate troll runes. The head of the staff is round and brackets a large gem of red living crystal. The shaft of the staff artfully narrows and widens in a number of spots, and includes about a foot long section of living crystal that is rippled. The bottom of the staff has a long crystal spike attached to it.


“During my time with the Stoneclaw troll moot, I would learn the tale of the Staff of Aromod Whitewind. The trolls from all of the moots in the Twilight Peaks have long been searching for this staff, which is a magical pattern item of some power. Apparently, Aromod Whitewind was the leader of the Whitewind clan, who used to be part of the Blackfang Moot from the days before the Scourge. Supposedly, his staff held the secret to the long lost plans for building the great stone Sky Raider ships, called Vikings. Those ships ruled the skies over the Twilight Peaks in the days before the Scourge. Like Tago Steelskull’s unique crystal ship, spells and fire cannons are largely ineffective against these Viking class ships.

According to the histories, Aromod’s flag ship crashed somewhere North of the Twilight Peaks during the battle of Sky Point. During the battle, his clan was decimated. The rumor is that the survivors of his crashed ship, having no home to return to, joined a moot of lowland trolls near where they crashed. However, that moot disappeared during the Scourge and has not been seen since. Some trolls think the rumor is just a steaming pile of Thundra dung. Others think that the clan simply hasn’t emerged from their Kaer yet. But most believe that, like so many other unfortunate name-givers, that they perished in their Kaer during the Scourge."

—Stilicho Alaricson, Lord of Konigsberg

Staff of Aromod Whitewind

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