Mantle of the Phoenix


This beautiful cape is a rich royal blue on the outside slashed with crimson on the inside. The neck and shoulders are covered with snowy fur. Covering the back of the cape is a phoenix stitched in gold thread. An identical, but much smaller, phoenix is emblazoned on the left breast over the heart.


This mantle was recovered by the Unchained from a secret chamber within the ruined temple of Rashomon.

Dagmar revealed the first and second key knowledges of the Mantle, which is that it’s Name is the Mantle of the Phoenix, and that the creator’s name was Archimedes the Wise, a Human Wizard and Questor of Rashomon. Also, he determined that it has 8 thread ranks and is otherwise extremely difficult to gain any knowledge. There are Deeds associated with at least two of the higher ranks, the first of which (rank 5) is to gather a flock of at least fifty true believers of Rashomon. Finally, Dagmar determined that the test knowledge associated with rank 7 is to learn the fate of the last High Questor of Rashomon. At rank 8, the specifics of a final deed are as of yet undetermined.

Mantle of the Phoenix

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