Helm of Iron Will

Full-Plate War Helm


This full faced war helm boasts an ornate figured of a silver snarling wolf’s head upon its crest. It has a decorative but grim looking faceplate, and is adorned with ancient symbols said to be from the lost kingdom of Landis. There is also a chain skirt on the helmet, which fastens to the neck of Stilicho’s plate armor. In the throat of the wolfs snarling maw, there is a small but powerful light quartz made of living crystal, which also makes up the surface of the wolf’s eyes. The inside of the wolf’s mouth is polished bronze, reflecting light outwards with a flashlight effect from the mouth, with the glowing eyes adding additional light.

Bonded at Rank 1: +1 Spell Defense, +1 Social Defense, +1 Mystic Armor
Bonded at Rank 2: +1 Spell Defense, +1 Mystic Armor


This is a metal helmet adorned with symbols of the ancient kingdom of Landis. Mages and Weaponsmiths worked together to provide this protection to important military commanders of the kingdom of Landis. Many of these helmets were lost in the battles against the mindless ravagers who were the forerunners of the Horrors and marked the beginning of the Scourge. The helm has a faceplate that can swing down or up, depending on whether the wearer wants to protect his face or simply wants to see better.

When Stilicho received the helmet from the King of Throal, Much of the adornment had been stripped away, and the helmet was battered from combat. It was definitely in need of solid repair. Stilicho and his old friend Eldwulf reworked the helm making it into the marvel that it is today.

Helm of Iron Will

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