Group pattern item

Group Patteren item


Group patteren done

There are just a few pieces of symbolism in the group pattern item.

1. There are 8 chain links that are intact. Seven have a group members name written in the center. Each link has the other the other six group members’ names written in magical runes on it. This symbolizes that each member of the group is protected by the six others group members.

2. There is one link with no name in it. This link represents the lost member of the group, Luck.

3. The pin of the cloak pin is in the shape of a pick axe. The pick axes from the mine were the first weapons the group used to escape the mine and kill their first horror constructs.

4. The chain links are in a broken circle, representing the broken bonds of slavery.

5. The triangle shapes at the bottom of the cloak pin represent the mountains around the Reach, the home of the Steel Skull clan.

6. The main substance of the cloak pin is made of elemental earth that we took from the mine the day our group was created.

7. The pin of the cloak pin is made from the steel of the two daggers that Skram took from pocket relm they were sent in to and escaped from.

8. The chain links are made of some of the silver collected in the Kier of Daren Kuyu.

9. The runic and written names are in gold found in the casket of Daren Kuyu.

10. The wire braid is made of copper, silver, and gold.

11. The copper comes from the kier of Darren Kuyu, collected by Suulin.

12. The silver comes from the destroyed Theran air ship Thera’s Pride.

13. The gold comes from the dungeon in Parlainth where the group killed the horror that was threatening the town of haven.


The making of the patteren items

1. Skram collected the fine silt sand from the bottom of the Snake River to make the castings. To make sure that it was clean and of the best quality he ran the sand through a screen to collect the finest particles.

2. Dremnin collected wood from dead ash trees under the full moon and made charcoal with the wood and the whole spine of a young bull to fuel the forge for the casting.

3. Vridich crafted the magical runes on the clay original made by the hired blacksmith with a silver awl under the bright noon sun.

4. Dagmar turned the collected coins and daggers in to billets, bars, and wires for the crafting. While making these items he chanted an ancient mantra of crafting taught to him by the blacksmith.

5. Suulin took copper, silver, and gold wire and braided them for each of the cloak pins singing songs of long past bands of heroes and their deeds in to the weaving.

6. Stilicho gathered lumber from the cotton wood trees down by the river and built the casting boxes with special square brass nails, to contain the sand, under the direction of the hired blacksmith.

7. Urgral emptied and cleaned the forge in preparation for the making. He also smudged the shop with sage, frankincense, and dried lavender to make sure that there were no negative energies in the blacksmiths shop that could taint the casting.

Group pattern item

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