Thunder of Upandaal

Dwarven Warhammer

weapon (melee)

This warhammer is of obvious Dwarven craftsmanship. It is weathered and has seen obvious battle. Welll-taken care of, though, it has Old Throalic runic carvings on the business ends that have a unique meaning that translates to the Human tongue something like “domination” and “footing”.

The weighted heads are forged from a metal alloy perhaps known only to Dwarven smiths, and the handle, an extremely hard dark wood with almost invisible grain, is wedged into the head by a flattened iron spike. The wood handle has a dark-stained hide tightly wrapping around, allowing for a two-handed grip. The grip is bound top and bottom by beaten bronze bands.


This weapon was carried by Derin Kuyu, vassal thane to the Kingdom of Throal before the Scourge ravaged Barsaive.

Thunder of Upandaal

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