Sidste Flytte

Dwarven shortsword

weapon (melee)

The blade is pattern-welded (bluish damascus), it has a short blocky crosshilt of a shiny bronzish alloy, with matching alloy on the pommel. The pommel is shaped like a pyramid, point down forming a short spike. Old Throalic runes on the hilt carry the meaning “protection”. The grip is some kind of dark stained hide, cracked somewhat. Covers the actual handle well enough that without unbinding the hide the actual handle is not visible.

The scabbard is designed to belt at the waist for a cross-body draw. Though somewhat adjustable, it’s designed for a right-hander. The body of the scabbard is a lightweight metal alloy, pale – almost white – that displays no hammer marks. It is smooth and polished, though not reflective. More of the bronzish alloy bands it near the top and at the bottom tip. The runes indicate Derin’s ownership and family lineage.


This shortsword was carried by Derin Kuyu, vassal thane of the Kingdom of Throal before the Scourge ravaged Barsaive.

Sidste Flytte

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