Ch'Tard's Prism

T'skrang-sized ringlet armor made from living crystals


Living Armor. Made from carved, interlocking rings of living crystal, this armor protects the character’s entire body except for the legs below the knee. To provide sustenance for the living crystal, the armor is enchanted. The crystal in most armors of this sort go dormant after a year’s time without the careful ministrations of a trained Weaponsmith or Elementalist. This suit lay dormant for many years and the crystals still pulsed with life.

The leather backing of this suit of armor is colorfully-dyed leather strips. Yellow, Red, Orange, Green and Blue bands adorn the backing and produce a rippling colored effect through the ringlets when direct sunlight touches the suit.


Physical Armor: 7
Mystic Armor: 6
Init penalty: 1

Sized to fit a t’skrang character snugly.


Ch'Tard's Prism

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