weapon (melee)

Until a Dwarf Wizard recently dispelled a Warden-level Illusion spell on the blade, it appeared as a steel Dwarf Sword, resembling a scramasax. After the enchantment was removed, the blade’s dull and pitted finish melted away, revealing the true elements of the blade. It became longer, though still able to be wielded in one hand by all but a Windling. Old Throalic runes appeared on the blade, mentioning the Kingdom of Throal, and specifically King Valurus I. Likewise, the dull and cracked wooden sheath transformed into a bronze-banded ebon-and-leather lightweight, water-resistant and durable scabbard.


Damage Step 8
Size 3


The sword was revealed to be none other than the fabled Purifier, created at the direction of King Valurus I of Throal when the Horrors first began to enter the world, and was used by many of the heroes of pre-Scourge Barsaive. According to legend, a powerful Wizard cast a spell on the sword to make it look old and rusted.

Carved along the blade’s flat side are runes bearing the symbols of Throal and King Valurus I.

Urgral understands the gravity of carrying such a weapon and the eyes upon him of all the dead heroes that preceded him in their struggles against the encroaching darkness.


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