Mysterious Redhead, formerly dead.


Veranda was originaly a slave aboard a Theran vedette destroyed during The Battle of Lake Pyros. Rescued from the horrors of Theran slavery by The Unchained, Veranda volunteered to serve as a crewman aboard The Dashing Stag.

Tall for a woman (6’ 4"), Veranda reappeared as a well-muscled beauty with long red wavy tresses after falling to her death from the ship during the storm in the Onman Pass. Much of the hardness about her from before the accident seemed to have softened or faded, leaving a truly breathtaking figure of a woman. She seduced Dremnin and later revealed herself to be the Passion Astendar, making Dremnin into her questor and aiding The Unchained with a gift of Stilicho’s location.



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