Tekil Finaus

Human Warrior Adept


5th Circle Warrior Adept
Airman on the Dashing Stag
Member of the Steelskull clan of the Stoneclaw moot.
Friend to Stilicho

Combat Actions

The Battle of the Reach.
The Battle of Lake Pyros.
Dagmar’s Rescue.


Tekil is a warrior adept from a small village named Ethandun in the forrests between Konigsberg and Kratas. He was under the rule of a bandit king for many years before being captured by the Konigsberg Guard after a failed raid on a shipment of weapons to Kratas from Konigsberg. He was then forced by Elfric the Betrayer to face death by hanging, or to swear an oath to serve an assassin named Calamon, who was Elfric’s man. He then travelled to Twilight Peaks with Calamon’s party to kill Stilicho. When they ambushed Stilicho a battle was fought and most of Calamon’s party was slain. Calamon later was beheaded after being challenged to single combat by Stilicho, and Tekil, along with a boy named Wheeler, were accepted into the Steelskull clan as newots. The remaining captives were put to the sword. Tekil now serves as an oath man to Stilicho aboard the Dashing Stag.

Tekil Finaus

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