Young Human Thief


Young human theif from Bartertown.
Follower of Suulin.
Cook’s Assistant on the Dashing Stag.

Taran is a youth of about 14 years, slender and wirey with short black hair.


Picked up by Suulin in Bartertown, Taran was in a bit of trouble, which made Suulin believe that his departure from the city (at least temporarily) was necessary for his own good. He had been trying to court the daughter of a wealthy innkeeper in spitte of being little more than a street rat. In Stilicho’s absencee he was accepted as a crewman aboard the Dashing Stag by Skram. He now serves as a cook’s assistant under Suulin. Taran appears eager and determined to make the most of this opportunity to earn wealth and respectability, in the hopes that he can win the hand of the girl he loves.


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