Tago Steelskull

Troll Legendary Sky Raider


Member of Stoneclaw Moot
Elder to Steelskull clan
Questor of Tystonius

Physical Description
Tago stands at a massive 9’5". Although old, and much thinner than he was in his younger days, Tago is still broad shouldered and carries many scars of battle. His hair and beard are both long and as white as snow. His eyes are milky white with cataracts… making him nearly blind. His horns jut straight out, and curve forward. One of his horns has a large knick in it, which a battle trained eye would recognize as likely from a sword strike. Around his neck he wears a golden chain that sports a gold-dipped Wyndling skull with red rubies set in the eyes, and next to it dangles a jeweled dagger, that is said to be one of the famed daggers of Cara Fahd. Although he owns a massive set of crystal plate armor, with a crystal viking shield, in his old age he is usually seen wearing simple long gray robes, tied off at his waist with a snake skin belt made from the massive scales of some kind of giant reptilian abomination.


Tago Steelskull, son of Toran Steelskull, is a legendary figure all across Barsaive along with his companions from his adventuring days. Tago is expecially well known among the mountain trolls in Barsaive for uniting the various mountain troll clans against the Therans in the second Barsaive-Theran war, which ultimately lead to the defeat of the Therans, and complete victory for the various Barsavian forces that participated.

Tago is a bit of a polarizing figure in some portions of troll society. Depending on the school of thought of an individual troll, he may be revered as a hero of the troll race, or resented as a representation of troll cooperation with inferior races. In either case, his name commands respect.

Tago is one of the eldest members of the Stoneclaw moot. He was formely the head of the Steelskull clan, but is now far too old to hold such a post. He has three sons, the eldest of which is Rorik, who is now a high ranking Sky Raider adept on the path to becoming clan cheiftan.

Tago Steelskull

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