Stolod Hawkthorn

Dwarf, Stoneclaw newot, former merchant from Trosk


Stolod is a Travelled Merchant of the Steelskull Clan of the Stoneclaw Moot.

He serves as Quartermaster on The Dashing Stag.


Stat Value Step Dice
DEX 10 5 d8
STR 13 6 d10
TOU 13 6 d10
PER 14 6 d10
WIL 10 5 d8
CHA 16 6 d12


Skill Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Missile Weapons Standard 0 Dex 5 4 9 d8+d6
Avoid Blow Free 1 Dex 5 3 8 2d6
Air Sailing Sustained 0 Will 5 4 8 d6d8
Conversation Sustained 0 Cha 7 3 10 2d8
Evaluate Standard 0 Per 6 4 10 d8d10
Craftsman: Airship Standard 0 Per 6 2 8 2d6
Knowledge: Trade Routes Standard 0 Per 6 2 8 2d6
First Impression Standard 0 Cha 6 4 10 2d8
Bribery Standard 0 Cha 7 4 11 d8d10
Diplomacy Sustained 0 Cha 7 3 10 2d8
Etiquette Sustained 0 Cha 7 3 10 2d8
Haggle Sustained 0 Cha 7 5 12 2d10
Street Wise Sustained 0 Per 6 3 8 d6d8


Weapon Size Forged STR Step Wpn Step Total Dice
Light Crossbow 3 0 5 4 9 d6d8
Short Sword 2 0 5 4 9 d6d8
Utility Knife 1 0 5 1 6 d10


Armor Physical Mystic Init Penalty
Ring Mail 6 0 -2
Iron Helm 0 0 0
Footmans Shield 4 0 0

Note: Stolod has a +6 deflection bonus with helmet and shield.


Stolod was formerly a dwarf merchant from Trosk, who ran a bustling but stressful business, buying, transporting and reselling goods in the region around Trosk, Travar and Farram. He was captured along with Quorra by the Steelskull clan of the Stoneclaw moot, when the guide who was leading his caravan got lost, and the mercenaries he hired for protection fled. In spite of his captivity, he was free of the constant stresses of his former life, and came to love his simple life among the trolls.

He later befriended Stilicho while the two were working in the stone quarry. Stolod’s accidental fall on the trip back to town likely saved Stilicho’s life, as it ruined the ambush which assasins had prepared. Although Stlicho insists that it was Stolod’s fall that saved his life, Stolod insists that it was Stilicho who saved his life by killing the assassins who attacked him. The two remain good friends.

Stolod was later made into a full member of the clan after fighting a Theran attack on the Reach. He is now sworn to Stilicho, who saved his life, and serves on The Dashing Stag as Quartermaster, utilizing his many skills to keep the ship well supplied and crew well paid..

Stolod Hawkthorn

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