Female Human Warden Nethermancer


Selenys was a beautiful young woman who dwelt in Derinkuyu over one hundred years ago. Bright and ambitious, using old grimoires and treatises she self-initiated into the Way of the Nethermancer. Unfortunately without a master, she was doomed to mediocrity. But she would not be dissuaded. Consulting even more arcane texts, she pieced together a way to use blood magic to attract a mentor. Unfortunately, she got more than she bargained for.

The entity she summoned was Named Vargaxes, and was all too willing to make a pact with Selenys. Indeed, its terms seemed all too easy. And it offered limitless potential for tutelage. He claimed he was a master of the deep umbral realms, and would teach her all he knew. Unfortunately, even as her pattern strengthened, so too did Vargaxes weave his vile essence into hers. He visited upon her terrible nightmares, and induced in her the darkest of appetites. Before long she willingly engaged in debauchery and horrid acts of depravity.


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