Widow Runa

Deceased Troll Female Caretaker and Teacher


Runa is a tall, but withered crone. One eye is milky with cataract, and she uses a short staff to help her walk.


Runa’s husband was a powerful raider. He could have challenged Tago to become chief of the clan, as he was strong and had many friends. But he was struck down in his prime in a raid against Konigsberg. Runa did not re-marry. She had one son, who also became a sky raider and was slain in a raid under Vargas only a few years ago.

Rather than bemoan her losses, she gave thanks to Garlen for the blessings she had, and shook her fist merrily at Thystonius for testing her will to thrive. She contents herself now by tending to the younglings of the clan, teaching them of Trollish customs and passing on what learning she possesses.

“According to my grandfather, Tago, Runa was a real thing of beauty in her day. Makes me wonder if my grandfather went blind earlier than we thought?!?”

—Honus Steelskull Stoneclaw

Widow Runa

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