Quinn Longstride

Human master Scout


Quinn often remains cloaked and cowled, preferring shadowed paths to open plains. His deeply lined face is often covered in iron-gray stubble or more heavily bearded in winter, and many a man has said Quinn’s piercing blue eyes sear right through them, laying them bare and exposed. He wears simple leathers and keeps meticulous care of all his gear. Oddly, he carries no maps – as though everything needed is mapped out in his inner eye. And anyone he’s led would tell that indeed Quinn never led them astray, and never was lost wherever he went.

Few know the trade routes and wilds as well as him, though he never boasted his skill. Aside from his unnerving gaze, he was understated in most other ways. Though he had a striking, rugged face, he often diminished himself, perhaps intentionally, in his surroundings.


Quinn, known among the Orks of the Cara Fahd plains as the Longstrider for the punishing pace he often set on foot, is as resilient a Human as Barsaive has ever seen. A man of few words, he nevertheless held influence among many city-states in the land for his breadth of knowledge and wise council.

He earned the name Longstride by his Ork pursuers as he led refugees hunted by the scorcher tribes as they drove Namegiver settlements out of their ancient homeland. Though dogged by hard pursuit all the way to Stormhead (an unlikely destination due to it’s Theran governors), his leadership kept most of the ten thousand refugees alive during the forging of Grimeye’s Crossing and a brutally hot summer on the grasslands.

He single-handedly forced a stampede of the most massive herd of thundra beasts in recorded history, turning the scorchers back long enough for the refugees to reach the safety (a relative term among a society with legal slavery) of Stormhead. Quinn and his companions of heroes held off a final cavalry charge of over 250 scorchers with an amazing display of formidable Adept magic and skill. It was enough, and every refugee made it through the gates. The Theran colony quickly dropped the portcullis before Quinn’s company could extricate themselves from the fray. They were promptly overrun and assumed killed. Their bodies were never found.

The refugees and Orks alike came to revere him as an Ascendant for his amazing heroism. The scorchers licked their wounds and returned to their fledgling nation, telling tales of the unstoppable Human who foiled all their attempts at justified slaughter. Ironically, most of the refugees quickly became indebted and were subsequently sold into slavery. The long trail of misery and death from that first brutal crossing to the gates of Stormhead became known as Longstride’s Tears.

Quinn re-emerged around ten years later, a lonely ranger of the wilds. He’d disappeared from the political stage entirely only to re-emerge leading caravans on some of the longest merchant land voyages attempted since the Scourge. In the last five years, he found employment with Tubric, a particularly greedy (but honest) and adventurous merchant. It is believed he took only a single adept initiate, a young man Named Dremnin son of Karker, before Therans attacked the caravan, enslaving or killing the entire entourage. Quinn is not known to have survived that encounter.

Quinn Longstride

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