Korack Rockcrusher

Troll Skyraider Adept


3rd Circle Troll Skyraider Adept
Airman on the Dashing Stag


Korack is a big surly-looking troll with long black hair, large horns, and a face that is usually adorned with a scowl. He is known to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder, and for good reason. His father was recently killed fighting in a boarding action on a Throalic merchant vessel. His brother, a cavalryman, went missing while foraging for Crest Wolf cubs. The other husband in his household died of an illness. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, he is the last moot-husband in his household, and is the sole provider for 3 wives and multiple children. He is young, ambitious, stubborn, lacking guidance, but a courageous fighter who commands respect.

Korack Rockcrusher

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