Kerick Pathwarden

Human Male Novice Swordmaster


First Mate of The Dashing Stag
Member of the Konigsberg Wolf Guard
Member of Stoneclaw Moot
Newot of Steelskull clan
3rd Circle Swordmaster Adept
Follower of Uplandal.
Boyfriend of Solara


“A faithful member of the Konigsberg Household troops, Kerick was one of the only suriviors of the Battle of Ore Mountain. He fought bravely but, like the rest of us, was overcome by impossible numbers and odds. After our capture by the trolls of the Twilight Peaks, he and Draiden were made into newots of the Stoneclaw moot along with me.

We maintained close ties during our expereinces there. During that time, he met and fell in love with an Elf girl named Solara. He spent most of his days working as an apprentice shipwright in the Stoneclaw airship yards. His nights he spent either drinking Scoad with Draiden and I, or more often, in the arms of Solara. He is a good friend, and has served my family with honor."

— Stilicho Alaricson Stoneclaw – Lord of Konigsberg

Kerick Pathwarden

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