Jorund Farseer

Troll Male Journeyman Scout Adept


Jorund Farseer was a Troll journeyman Scout adept of the Steelskull clan. He spent his days scouting in and around the Stoneclaw moot homelands of the Twilight Peaks. He regularly traveled west of Mount An’grak and east to the lowest foothills.

When the Unchained came to the Reach, Jorund took Dremnin and Hannah as newot. They served him well for a month before the Reach was attacked by a Theran marine expedition on two heavily armed vedettes. Dremnin and Jorund happened upon a burning village, which was a diversion created by the Therans to draw the raiders ships away from their main village so that their sister ship could engage and take key captives at the Reach.

Jorund sent Dremnin to warn the Reach and went down alone to scout the massacred village. He fell into the Theran trap and was executed. Vargas Steelskull and the crew of the Wind Viper were able to recover his body, which was laid to rest outside the Reach.

Jorund Farseer

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