Female Human 1st Circle Nethermancer Adept


Hannah is a dark-haired and pale-skinned human girl of about 14 years of age. Despite her small frame she is an attractive girl once the dirt and grime were washed away. Originally wearing rags, then common work clothes aboard the Dashing Stag, she took advice from her “aunt” Suulin in how to act and dress as a young woman about to come into her womanhood.

Hannah is armed with a dagger, a quarterstaff and Baran Kuyu’s sling.

  • Dremnin’s adopted daughter.
  • Former cook’s assistant on The Dashing Stag.
  • Now exclusive pupil in Nethermancy to Vridich
  • Member of the Steelskull clan of the Stoneclaw moot.

Hannah probably grew up in the mines as a slave. Her parents are not known, perhaps even by her. She survived the death of Aughra and the subsequent evil wind that spread from her.

She was believed to be Horror-marked from her time in the Theran mines, but in fact was found to have an actual Horror dwelling within her, a Despair-Thought, which exited her body in its own attempt to break free from Vargaxes’ realm. The child is now unmarked and free of the Horror which caused her so much pain and suffering in the time before joining with her new father, Dremnin.

She only spoke to Dremnin, calling him Father, for more than a month. Since becoming a member of the Dashing Stag, her adoptive father coaxed her out of her protective cocoon, and she became quite talkative, even impish.


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