Hakka Thurson

Human Initiate Air Sailor


3rd Circle Air Sailor
Stoneclaw Moot Member
Steelskull Clansmen
Crewman of The Dashing Stag
Oath man to Stilicho


Hakka was the son of famer outside of the village Stordun. Stordun is in a province near Morkant, just Northwest of Vivane. The Therans raided his village killing all of the fighting men and old people, while enslaving the young women and boys. Hakka was 14 at the time, and was a large and strong boy for his age. He was made to be an oarsmen on one of their ships and he did that for two years.

The Theran captain decided his size was being wasted as a common slave, and trained him to fight as an air sailor adept on his slave barge. He worked on the barge for another year, mostly just transporting goods to Vivane from nearby towns. Then the Nethermancer, Xandarlathalas, arrived. He arrogantly forced the captain to to fly his slow barge deep into the dangerous Twilight Mountains where Hakka and his shipmates were captured by the trolls of the Steelskull clan, who are part of the Stoneclaw moot. The rest of his shipmates, mostly native Therans, were put to the sword… including the captain. He alone was allowed to survive for reasons he did not know. Later, he was to learn that while facing the trial of the Truth Stone, Grimlock, the master Elementalist of the Steelclaw clan, saw goodness in his soul.

He served breifly as a loyal newot in the Steelskull clan, and is now serving as a crewman aboard The Dashing Stag, and is sworn to Stilicho as a member of his houshold guard, along with Eldwulf, Draiden, Kerick and Malikeos.

Hakka Thurson

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