Ork Guard


Ork Guard / Soldier
Repentant Slaver
Saved from Horror by Stilicho
Formerly from a Scorcher band near Travar


Grodnag was captured by Stilicho after Stilicho escaped from a slaver’s prison which Grodnag was working as a guard at. Stilicho rescued him from a horror possessed guard in the prison. Though he was working for slavers, Stilicho offered him a chance at redemption by doing something that was unselfish and bigger than himself.

As a result, he was inspired to help Stilicho and the Unchained sanctify the Temple of Rashomon from the Horror that was desecrating it. He also aided the Unchained by giving them valuable information about Trejak’s slaver operation, which enabled them to successfully ambush and capture Trejack and his vessel resulting in the freeing of 50 enslaved name-givers.

Grodnag died fighting a number of Jehuthras (spider-like Horror constructs) in the bowels of the Temple of Rashomon after the group was seperated. Skram tried to save him but the Jehuthras managed to poison him before he could be saved. Grodnag died with honor, and was properly buried outside of the temple.


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