Elfric - Betrayer of Stilicho


Oath Breaker
Betrayer of Alaric
Pawn of Thera


Elfric the oath breaker. Elfric is a pig-nosed, slender bastard, with a sly looking face. He was not a smart man, he would follow Alaric around like a puppy and could never keep up with his wits. He may have been stupid about the ways of the world, but he was also treacherous and clever. After Sarus died, my uncle swore an oath to my father, Alaric, that he would support me as Thane of Konigsberg. Instead, after my father, Alaric, was slain, he sent assassins to kill me… obviously, they failed. Later I was to learn that it was Elfric who engineered the ambush where my father died. He then tried to have me ransomed so he could kill me. Again, he failed.


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