Eldwulf Fireforge

Dwarf Weaponsmith Retainer of Stilicho


Chief Engineer of The Dashing Stag

Also known as “Eldwulf the Fierce”, Eldwulf is a battle veteran and master weaponsmith who can craft and repair all types of weapons and armor.

Eldwulf is broad shouldered, and tall for a dwarf. He has streaks of gray in his beard and hair. He has the look of a warrior, with muscled arms, and a wide scar running from his lower lip down to the tip of his chin. When dressed for battle he is normally wearing an ornate but very functional set of dark gray plate armor that is covered with intricate runes and is laced with silver. His helmet has face plates that make him look fierce, and a boar’s head carved into the crest. He carries a battle axe and a footmans shield, both of exquisite quality.


Eldwulf was the dwarf weaponsmith from Konigsberg for decades. He was an adventuring friend of Stilicho’s father, Alaric. He voluntarily left Konigsberg and followed Stilicho into the Twilight Peaks as part of the Stoneclaw moot. He now serves Stilicho and is an honored guest of the Steelskull clan.

Eldwulf retired in the Konigsberg province with Alaric, Stilicho’s father, and helped him and his father (Stilicho’s grandfather) make the land safe and prosperous. He is determined to see Elfric the Betrayer dead, and Stilicho placed back onto the thrown of Konigsberg. He has two sons and two daughters, all of whom now live in Throal.

Eldwulf Fireforge

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