Draiden Draidenson

Human Male Novice Warrior


4th Circle Warrior Adept
Member of the Konigsberg Wolf Guard
Member of the Stoneclaw Moot
Member of the Steelskull clan
3rd Officer of The Dashing Stag


Funny, jovial, overly cocky, and always ready with a one-liner, Draiden is a guy who everybody seems to like. Women tend to gravitate toward him. These two combinations can sometiems lead to trouble.

Draiden is clean shaven with short-cropped hair and usually with a sly smile on his face. When dressed for battle he is normally wearing a suit of chain mail, usually with a long cloak and sometimes with a tabbard of Konigsberg over the front. His helmet is the standard helmet that most of the Konigsberg guardsmen wear. He carries a long spear, a broad sword and a footmans shield.

Draiden is an oath-man to Stilicho and a solider of Konigsberg Wolf Guard, in addition to being a full member of the Steelskull clan. He is a sword and shield soldier who has trained for and fought in the shield wall. He uses the spear only for throwing, or for combat against mounted enemies.

Draiden is the Master of Arms aboard the Dashing Stag is responsible for keeping the melee fighting men aboard the ship in elite fighting status.

Draiden Draidenson

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