Celebrimbor Elanessë

Rheumy-eyed ancient Elf


Celebrimbor Elanessë is a pragmatic old Elf. Balding and nearly blind (and pretending to be largely deaf), he is nonetheless savvy and pragmatic and is exactly what the council of merchants want in a leader for their prospering young city.


Celebrimbor is the current magistrate of Bartertown, and has been for many years. An appointed position, the council of merchants that is the true power of Bartertown is largely happy with the aging Elf’s stewardship.

Most recently, he agreed to sell an undesirable property known as the Ratway to Dagmar Steelsong with the promise that the homeless street urchins would be re-located and a new community center would be built by the Stonehand Forge, under the engineering direction of Dagmar himself, and be administered to by his wife Moukhwa.

Celebrimbor Elanessë

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