windling artist


Aeriela is the artist that S’kram hired to work in the Broken Link Brewery painting labels on the barrels. She is a windling that was originally born in Barter Town. He father was killed by a construction accident working as a carpenter when she was little. Her mother, Sky, was forced to move them in to the Ratway shortly after. She was not able to afford the taxes on their house and it was taken by the local magistrate. They lived in a small room in the attic of a wooden shack owned by an insane want-to-be nethermancer. He was grumpy and scary but had a soft spot for the four little girls and kept them safe from the others in the rat way with threats of curses and spirits.
As soon as Aeriela’s older sister, Azure, was old enough to watch her 3 younger sisters Sky went to work for a caravan as an Archer. The caravan master told the sisters that she was captured by scorchers, which attacked the caravan, on her first trip south of Barter Town. When Dagmar moved the Ratway people to a farm to help them better themselves Aeriela’s sisters refused to move with her and the Ratway people to the farm. So the four sisters all went their separate ways to seek their fortunes in the world.
Aeriela has blue and green wings that are translucent. Her dark hair and big brown eyes contrast her very light skin. She likes to wear bright colored clothing with bells on the ends of her shirts or dresses. Like her mother she carries a bow, although she does not have the talent with it that her mother did.



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